Responsive web design services

Website Prestige wants to provide you with responsive web design services for several reasons: Firstly to help your business grow. Secondly, to increase your web traffic and costomer base. Lastly, to give your business a good impression. For these reasons we are greatly encouraged to do business with you.

Our responsive web design services

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Landing page

As a starting point, we will create  for you a  landing page. Once our work is completed, this will allow you to  choose whether you want to continue conducting business with us.

30-90 days

If you decide to continue with us after the landing page is created our estimated time that we can design a website for you will be between 30-90 days. depending on the project.

10 day money back guarantee

We recognize that business should be about customer satisfaction.And believe that if you are not satisfied with our work you are entitled to a full money back guarantee within the 10 days of a payment.

Contact us for pricing

Pricing methods are agreed upon between us and the customer. We set pricing based on the length of the project and the amount of work that we will cover.We do not work on an amount per hour basis, but on a set price. For payment methods or pricing arangments contact us.