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SEO is what allows your website to increase traffic.

Intro to facts about website SEO

So you came to this article to know about SEO Website Facts? I’m glad that you did.For those who don’t know, SEO is the practice of optimizing your website so to rank high on search engines. It is about creating organic traffic and most importantly allows you to connect with those interested in your content. If your website is a business the amount of customers you can reach depends on it.  SEO is not only limited to basic websites and search engines, but also includes social media platforms. Business owners optimize their posts on Facebook to grow their brand while content creators do likewise on Youtube. In this article you’ll learn about different SEO website facts. 

SEO website facts regarding words

Key phrases help people to find you

The type of phrases that you use on your site’s pages has a major impact on its optimization. If you’ve ever used Google, you are familiar with the phrases that it suggests for you in its search bar. For example, if you type in “veterinarian” on Google search you will get several phrasal suggestions related to that word. Google analyzes which phrases are being searched for the most and based off this it provides you with suggestions. To improve your SEO you need to use popular key phrases relevant to the content of your website. There are several tools that can help you with this method such as Google’s Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush and MozKeyword.

Readability makes your content appear presentable 

The way the text appears on your website also has a very significant role on your SEO. The readability of a page is detrimental to the number of people that will develop interest in your site. If the font size of your text is too small or too large it will turn people away. The lengths of your paragraphs need to appear suitable to the different screen sizes that visitors will view. It is recommended that you keep the maximum length of your paragraphs to 150 words.Visitors will not want to scroll through your content if the paragraphs you write are too lengthy. One other thing that can improve the readability of your website is the amount of transitive verbs that you use. These are verbs that need an object to receive the action.

SEO website facts regarding links

Social media inceases your traffic

Social media is a tool that is almost mandatory to use for several reasons. Firstly, it provides different sources of traffic to your site. Instead of solely depending on Google, you can get people to click on your URL through social media posts. Secondly, many people are already using social media to direct people to their website. If you’re a small business you do not want to lose customers to competitors who are already on social media. Lastly, social media allows you to connect with people on a more personal note. Normally, you might not appeal to the interests of your target audience the way you would on Instagram. Being able to do this allows you build a level of trust with people.

Internal links make your website coherent

An internal link is any link on a page that will direct people to another page through a click. You can use internal links on images, icons and texts. Bloggers use internal links to either get readers to read more posts or to direct them to a landing page. You do not want visitors of your website to look at one page of it, leave and then never return. Your goal is to encourage them to engage with your content and be regular visitors to your site. Not only will visitors have a connection with your website through internal links, you’ll provide context to your site’s pages. Instead of your website being a mishmash of pages irrelevant to one another it will look like a coherent unit.

SEO website facts regarding speed and mobile devices

 Reliable speed is important

The amount of time it takes for the pages of your website to load can become a deal breaker. A website that takes more than 3 seconds to load will not see the light of day at the top of search results. If people happen to find your website and it is slow they are going to quickly abandoned ship. Unless you are still stuck in the 90’s nobody likes to stare at a blank computer screen, this is why it is vital to optimize the speed of your site. Having a reliable webhosting provider, avoiding large images, enabling browsing cache and using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) are a few methods that will help with your speed.  Tools like GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights are recommended. If you are using a CDN like WordPress it is crucial that you constantly upgrade plugins and uninstall or disable any unnecessary ones.

A website must be mobile friendly

As good as your website can appear and function on a desktop computer it is equally important that it does on a mobile device. This is one of the  SEO website facts that will help you long term.Before smart phones no one worried about how their website would look and act on a much smaller device. But with a large percentage of the world’s population using Apple, Samsung and HTC devices, it’s near impossible to build a successful website without it being mobile friendly. Readability, layout, image size, user experience, and loading speed are some of the main things that you need to consider when creating a site that is compatible with mobile devices. Website builders like Wix and WordPress give you the option of testing your site’s mobile prowess. Google’s mobile friendly test also allows you to test how your website will perform on a mobile scale.

SEO website facts regarding content

Quality content goes a long way

You can check all the SEO website fact boxes and spend thousands of dollars on ads, but if your content is not appealing your website will struggle to achieve its purpose. Whether you are in the process of starting a website or have already created one you must have a target audience. Not only must you have a specific demographic in mind you need to do extensive research on them and make sure that your content meets their needs. If, for example, your website is a travel blog, are you offering advice on things that your audience should do in a particular city? Or providing them with information like the top landmarks that they should visit? Your content also has to be engaging to your visitors. People will not care about your website if it offers them zero return.

 Consistent content is a must

Building and growing a website is a full time job that should never be treated lightly. A common mistake made by people who do not have much experience in managing websites is that they dedicate so much time and effort in the launching phase, but when they receive little to no user engagement off the gate they neglect the project. Their website then goes in to cyber limbo. Being able to grow your website takes a lot of time and hard work. If you think that all it takes for you to receive a large amount of visitors is to simply build a website you are in for a rude awakening. Google’s algorithm is not going to rank you well if you have very little content that users can engage with, that is why it is a no brainer for you to at least provide content on a weekly basis.


After learning about the different website SEO facts you can now apply some of these methods. Google Search Console is an excellent tool that can assist you in optimization. It is free to use and all you need is a Google account and a domain name to get started.  With a WordPress website there are plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math that can be useful. These plugins are both free to use and if you want to upgrade you will need to pay a fee. They also provide you with step by step tutorials on how to use their features through their numerous videos and articles. Improving the SEO of a website is a skill that takes patience, practice and persistency, so do not feel completely discouraged if you follow all these methods and are still struggling to generate traffic.

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