Why I Stopped Playing Video Games

Intro- Why I Stopped Playing Video Games

In this article I will discuss the reasons why I stopped playing video games. Although gaming was something that was a part of my identity growing up I eventually lost the passion for it. What I once considered an everyday endeavor during my youth  I saw as an afterthought. The reasons had nothing to do with me becoming disdainful towards video games. I still am fascinated by how gaming has developed since the late 80’s. I also admire those who are skilled enough to win video game tournaments. There is no denying that video games brings many people together and entertains millions around the globe. Some of my best childhood memories had to do with gaming. But like countless others who were born into a world of video games, I simply outgrew them. I felt no need to continue playing as my mindset began to shift.

My Top 5 Reasons

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1. I could no longer afford them

By the time I was in 11th grade the price of video games was no longer affordable for me. I recall when PS2 first debuted in the U.S. it was sold out within days. The only available console that I could find was priced at $500 USD. My parents did not believe that I deserved such an overpriced gift. When I started working an Xbox 360 was more than my entire weekly check. I would scoff at my friends for spending their entire check on video games. I did not believe that wasting more than $60 dollars on a game was a smart use of a person’s hard earned money. Even when I did save cash I did not spend it on games, but on things I found more essential.

2. They became less appealing to me

There was a time in which I would get instant gratification from beating Super Mario Bros. As time went by I just gradually lost interest. Video games no longer gave me the adrenaline rush that it once did. I found zero value in beating a game or receiving achievement rewards on Xbox live. As a kid I would read GamePro and look forward to playing the latest releases. But as a young adult I was completely unaware of the current gaming landscape.  When teenagers would ask me about the most recent NBA2K I’d give them a history lesson about the first edition. To me gaming became like the Fast & Furious franchise: there were too many recent updates to keep up with. I’d question what the point was with buying something that would be outdated in a year. It seemed like most games would not last long in popularity.

3. I developed new interests

As I went through my last years of High School my interest had shifted away from video games. Music and fashion were my main passion. I wanted to be a rapper and become a main stream multi platinum selling artist. I figured that sitting in front of a video game screen wasn’t going to help me pursue my dream. By my early 20’s I became a book worm and developed an interest in learning about every topic under the sun. The time that I used to spend playing 007 Goldeneye I would invest in reading and visiting museums. There came a point in life in which I was the only person among my peers who wasn’t a gamer. It was an adjustment process having to continue many friendships without sharing the same video game interest as others. It was not easy, but I could not complain about my life.

4. They would take up my time

Being someone who values time management I realized that playing video games was not a good investment of my time. When I would really enjoy a game one hour would turn into an entire afternoon. I had no self discipline with the amount of hours that I played. It seemed like the more time I played the less things that I got done. I was failing all of my classes in school because I was dedicating a lot of time playing games like Sonic Adventure. I eventually learned my lesson and  by the time I was in my 30’s I stood away from games altogether. Goals that I could not achieve in my adolescents, I could accomplish in my adulthood. I’m not arguing that if video games is your passion you are mismanaging your time. If you play games and are a winner in life all the power to you.

5. Gaming became more complex

As video games evolved they became a bit too advanced for me to play. I came from a generation in which kids would a point a gun at a screen and click a button. Once games like GTACall of Duty and World of Warcraft became popular I had no patience for them. I could not sit down and teach myself how to play these type of games before I could enjoy them. I was so accustomed to turning on a game and having fun within minutes. There was no point in me playing against experienced gamers on the internet and making a fool of myself. Even to this day, whenever a friend of mine wants me to join them in a contemporary game I politely decline.


Now that you have read about why I stopped playing video games I hope that you do the same. I am just kidding! If your passion is gaming then who am I tell you to quit? As for me, do I ever see myself returning to playing video games? I’ve never been opposed to making a comeback to the gaming world, but my life is just too busy. If somehow I could find the time and regain the passion I would do so in a heartbeat.  As I indicated in my article “10 Things I Do Other Than Play Video Games” I have too many hobbies that replaced gaming. Being a blogger and web designer I am constantly on a computer screen throughout the day. I try to do activities that keep me away from being glued to a digital  screen.

Thank you for reading “Why I Stopped Playing Video Games”. If you like to add anything, comment below.

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